This is a fairly remarkable record for a number of reasons -
1) This is an early Jimmie Rodgers record
2) This is a very hard to find E condition early Jimmie Rodgers record
3) The 'B' side is initial release of a song from Jimmie Rodgers first recording session for Victor in Camden, Nov 30, 1927. Only 4 songs from this session were issued.
4) The 'B' side song is labeled "IF BROTHER JACK WERE HERE". This title was only used on the initial release of this record (VICTOR 21433) in 1928. This is very rare in any condition! Subsequent releases were labeled "MOTHER WAS A LADY", with some showing "IF BROTHER JACK WERE HERE" in parenthesis.
5) "IF BROTHER JACK WERE HERE" was recorded before he became defined as a yodeling singer and is one of the few songs where he does not yodel.
6) The author for this song was shown as J. Rodgers on this label. Subsequent printings of this label listed the true authors of this song - Edward B Marks and Joseph W Stern.

Add all these up and you have a highly desireable record! Has all the bells and whistles.

This record has been recorded and posted on YouTube. Watch and listen here:


Very rare to here such a clean and clear old Jimmie Rodgers record. Enjoy!